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Metal Building Prices

Boxed eave roofs have the same shape as vertical roofs, but with horizontal roof panels and no hat channel or ridge cap for that added stability. Our metal tractor barns are built to be diverse and low-maintenance, ensuring you can focus on the important job of running your farm without having to worry about your storage needs. Our multi-purpose metal shelters are perfect for storing multiple vehicles, oversized farm equipment, RVs, ATVs, boats, or converting into horse and livestock shelters. Our metal garages can be customized to create a quiet space for your new She Shed providing a comfortable sanctuary you can call your own. Metal RV carport covers from Millennium Buildings are manufactured in America and made with the highest quality steel available on the market to give you the ultimate protection for your RV. Patio canopies designed with metal carport bases are stable and long-lasting yet built to be open to allow you to entertain in the outdoors without risking sunburns or canceling an event because of rain.

In 1993, Gregg Simpson developed and patented a steel truss designed to compete with wooden structured pole barns. Our steel truss is shaped much like a wooden truss with a bottom chord, but the main exception is that all of the members of the truss are steel. Our patented truss frame design allows for a significant economical advantage.

The Quonset Hut was nicknamed the “q-model” to honor these structures’ historical significance. In the late 1970s, SteelMaster engineered and designed a newer, stronger structure based on the historic Quonset Hut design. The open, clear span design of these huts enabled the Navy to maximize the buildings’ usable interior space. They also discovered that the corrugated arch is among of the strongest structural designs in the world. Because of these qualities, Quonset Huts™ were able to provide much-needed, secure shelter during the war. If you’re ready to get started, contact our team of project specialists to get more details.

They rely on us to deliver custom steel buildings that meet their exact needs and deliver real value. Today, Mueller steel buildings dot the landscape across the Southwest. We offer custom metal buildings that are big, small and everything in between – from living spaces to storage spaces, from workshops to commercial buildings. We manufacture every steel component with top-quality 26-gauge steel. Our buildings look great, too, with a variety of color options and limited paint warranties up to 30 years.

For example, Vertical roofs include hat channels and ridge caps to improve stability. The other thing which really sets Vertical roofs apart is the vertical orientation of the roof paneling. The panels run down vertically from the top down to the eaves of the roof. This panel orientation means that rain, snow, and debris all glide off the roof much more easily than with horizontal paneling.

Our customers have used our frame system along with wood, stucco, brick and even shingles to achieve the look they wanted. Since 1979, our engineers have designed metal buildings to fit just about any type of project, including agricultural, commercial, industrial, recreational & mini storage. If you would like to discuss a custom metal building or just have some questions, please call us or email us using the information below.